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The complete cycle of stages during which Digital Marketing is operating in the organization during its life cycle is called Digital Marketing Life Cycle. This consists of a series of small steps to be followed in order to run an online marketing campaign effectively. All the stages have their own significance and will provide the marketing company with the required results.

digital marketing life cycle

During the early stages of the digital marketing life cycle, new digital media are being utilized by marketers to make up new marketing ideas and concepts. They search for ways to make their current campaigns stand out from the competitors’ campaigns. A common example here is where a company is trying to launch a new product range by creating exciting media advertisements. At this stage, the marketers are still in the research and development phase and looking for ways to make their campaigns more creative and innovative. Newer techniques and applications in web design and development, social media optimization, and Pay per click (PPC) campaigns come into focus.

As the digital marketing life cycle is being rolled out step by step, marketers are now focusing on making their campaigns more targeted and concentrated. In the beginning, all their efforts will be directed towards getting media coverage and creating a buzz about the new products. They will use traditional offline advertising techniques such as press, direct mail, and brochures. At this point in the life cycle, marketers are more likely to be using pay per click (PPC) campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) to make their campaigns more successful.

When the time comes when the content, the design and the layout are already finalized for the campaigns, the marketers will now focus on testing the web design and developing the keyword strategies that will compliment their digital marketing campaigns. It is now the time to test and tweak the website to get the most effective results. There is no room for errors and everyone knows that the internet is always the best testing ground. Marketers now work with a team of professionals who test each aspect of the digital marketing campaigns to ensure that they are producing the desired outcome.

The final part of the digital marketing life cycle is when marketers find ways to measure the success of their campaigns. Most people are happy enough to focus on the traffic and conversion rates that they get from their site. However, these numbers do not provide us with the big picture. We have to ask ourselves, if we could do something simple to improve the conversion rate or increase the traffic to our site, would we?

Getting into the digital marketing life cycle can feel like a bit of a maze. If you get yourself comfortable in just one zone, you might miss out on finding ways to expand your reach. You have to realize that the first few months of the business did not go as planned and you will need to change how you approach things if you want to see more success in the future. The key to remember is that even though you might find it hard to get out of your comfort zone, staying in the zone will eventually lead to your demise.