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A full-service Internet marketing firm like Straight North offers customized solutions for any business. From email marketing to PPC campaigns, from SEO-based responsive websites to PPC advertising, Straight North offers targeted solutions that will attract customers, convert leads and grow your business. Straight North creates measurable marketing campaigns, and they keep track of every click, call and lead to help you optimize your business’s marketing strategy and achieve your business objectives. And, since the results of any marketing campaign are directly tied to sales, you can be sure that your money is being spent correctly.

The benefits of hiring an internet marketing firm are obvious: they help you stay on top of technological changes and keep your business on the cutting-edge. For instance, just a few years ago, people would turn to thick books to find the products and services they needed. Now, the vast majority of people use the Internet to research a product or service. And because the internet has made searching for products and services easier than ever before, many small businesses have chosen to move to the web in order to grow. A good internet marketing strategy will keep pace with the expansion of your business online.

An Internet marketing firm should offer many services, including SEO, content marketing and social media advertising. Prices range from $950 to $2,900 per month, depending on the level of services. A monthly budget of $1,000 will get you a handful of effective marketing campaigns, while a one-time project will cost you as much as $2,900. Another firm to consider is Silverback Strategies, which offers performance marketing services. This type of marketing strategy combines sound strategic marketing principles with new online technologies and proven results.