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Whether your business is big or small, the best, efficient and effective way to increase online existence, is with content marketing. The company website by itself will just not reach everyone anymore. There are multiple social media sites; FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest where you can post your messages and promote your product. These sites offer a whole new level of connecting with customers using; blogs, pictures, videos, info graphics, surveys and articles. With these sites a company can change views, behaviors and encourage the sale of their products. A company has the advantage of directly informing the customer as well as engaging with them by using content.

What does content marketing do?

Building a relationship between the customer and the business is what content marketing is all about. When a relationship is formed, with it comes trust and a consumer will buy products from businesses they trust. Content marketing also serves business in another very important aspect; it allows them to see feedback and reviews of their business. This is a great way to keep track of customer service and know where the strengths are and where the weak areas are. If a consumer posts on a company’s media site, and that company actually responds back, it creates a very positive connection with the consumer and one they will share with others.

Content Marketing Works

This is some of the data regarding content marketing:

  1. 63% of businesses state their marketing effectiveness increased after posting content on social media
  2. 70% customers like to get to know a company through articles over advertising
  3. 6 out of 10 FaceBook and Twitter users usually recommend a brand that they follow on these sites.
  4. 55% more visitors are the results when company sites feature blogs

Content marketing is about communicating your products without sale pitches.

Content marketing is pieces of helpful information about a product or service that readers can take in quickly without being given a whole page of useless information they are not interested in. Creating content that is entertaining, enlightening and interesting that readers will want to share with their social networks gets the needed word out far further than any printed ad is going to. Utilizing the correct action can lead to increased traffic which can be then converted into increased conversions.