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An inbound marketing specialist has a variety of responsibilities, including website optimization, content creation, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. They will also oversee a client’s overall inbound strategy. While inbound marketing is multifaceted, the basics of the process are similar across the different forms. Typically, an inbound specialist will work on several campaigns at the same time.

As an Inbound Marketing Specialist, you will be responsible for managing paid efforts for a variety of clients. This includes managing PPC search, display ads, geofencing, paid Facebook, Instagram, and OTT/CTV. The role requires extensive experience with bid strategies, monitoring monthly spends, and reporting on results.

An inbound marketing specialist will be a part of an inbound marketing team, working with a Digital Strategist to develop and execute top-notch digital marketing programs. Your primary goal will be to develop and execute a marketing strategy that meets or exceeds the needs of clients. This position is often analytical, requiring you to attend client meetings.

Inbound marketing is the process of increasing traffic and conversions. Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing is geared toward bringing qualified traffic to a website. While traffic is important, conversions are essential. Your inbound marketing specialist should have knowledge of buyer personas and understand the importance of converting website visitors into paying customers.

Inbound marketing involves creating content that helps your audience learn about your product or service. By offering useful information, inbound marketing helps you build trust with your audience. Inbound marketing can be done through social media or newsletters. Inbound marketing specialists may work as part of a larger team or independently. They help businesses attract new customers and keep current customers returning.

Inbound marketing is used in political campaigns, from local city council candidates to national candidates. President Barack Obama’s campaign used this strategy to raise over $500 million through internet donations. Interactivity and choice drive inbound marketing, and it appeals to younger audiences who are more likely to respond positively to these forms of content.

Inbound marketing specialists can develop advertising campaigns, improve websites, and target demographic data. They can even coordinate with sales teams to plan promotional campaigns. However, in order to be effective, an inbound marketing specialist should have some experience in the field. They should also be passionate about the industry in which they work. A marketing specialist should have a passion for the products and services their clients sell.