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Facebook Messenger Bot is a new addition to the social networking site Facebook. With this box, you don’t have to create an actual chat on your personal account just like with the other bots. It works just like the other Bots but you can have it connected to your business account through Facebook Connect or through Facebook Business. This bot comes with various different options such as building groups, sending messages, commenting and much more. Here are the things that make this bot a hot seller.

A messenger bot is an application that allows users to communicate with their friends and business associates through chat. Now, you don’t need to create individual accounts for each of your friends. You can use one bot per account. And this can save you time because now, you only need to focus on a single account instead of maintaining several different ones.

One of the best features of this bot is that it is web enabled. It comes with its own browser, which allows you to use the Bot in any internet connection, even if you are on the go. This is very useful especially for businesses that are always on the road and want to provide better service to their customers. You don’t have to worry about slow speeds or connection issues because this bot is ready and set to work even without a computer. Just be sure that you have an internet connection that can support it.

Along with web based chat, this bot also comes with other features that make chatting with people’s fun and easy. Built-in features include Group Chat, Off Topic Chat and Instant messaging. You can invite your friends to join your conversations and even see who joined your chat soonest. You can even send pictures through this Bot.

Facebook Connect is an application that you can utilize with the Facebook Messenger Bot. With this, you can exchange messages with friends and family through Messenger while keeping your personal accounts separate from your Bot accounts. With Facebook Connect, you can choose a photo and send it as a message. You can also upload a picture and share it with your Bot. Using Connect, you can also upload and store contacts and tasks from Facebook and Twitter.

Another built-in feature of Bot is the ability to chat in different applications. By using I Bots on Facebook, you will be able to chat in standalone apps for instance eHarmony, OK Cupid and Matchala. Bot can use any of these accounts and continue to interact with your Facebook and other accounts even while offline. You can also have two profiles, one with Bot and the other with a person. This feature allows you to manage multiple social accounts while still being connected to your Bot.

The Chatbox is an application that allows you to view conversations happening in the real time. When something new is posted, it will be shown in the chatbox. However, this feature can be disabled. Bot offers a number of customizations such as changing the color theme, adding a new icon, hiding messages, and turning off chat flashes. The Chatbox is easy to access using a menu.

While Messenger Bot has made it easier for many Facebook users to keep track of multiple accounts, it does have some minor limitations. Due to the way Bot stores information, if you wish to make additional changes, you will need to log out of Messenger and create a new account. Bot is compatible only with Facebook accounts that you own. If you have a Twitter account, you will need to have an account with Twitter as well in order to use Bot.