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Outbound marketing, also known as direct marketing or back-to-back marketing, is selling a product to a large audience over extended marketing events, promotions, publicity and personal contact. In today’s global marketplace, marketers must find ways to reach their audience, particularly in challenging economic times. It is often thought of as an annoying cousin of the conventional manner of doing direct marketing where companies concentrate on locating potential buyers through marketing. It can be considered a different means of marketing, but one that has its own benefits.

The outbound marketing definition can best be explained as the process of developing, building and maintaining a relationship with potential customers or clients through any given medium available to you. You do this by creating a need for the potential customer or client. For example, if you are a dentist, your office will likely employ the services of a publicist or agent to get your name and message out to the public through various media. When it comes to the outbound marketing tactic, you are likely employing the same types of techniques to generate the necessary leads. Your job will simply be to expand on the methods that are already in place.

Marketing to qualified leads is a critical component to the outbound marketing definition because this is the process through which interested parties are identified and contacted. This typically includes telephone calls, a mailing list, direct mail, brochures or advertisements in a magazine or newspaper. For some marketers, these techniques will not work as well because the recipients of the marketing communications may not be highly targeted or motivated to make a purchase at that point in time. These marketers turn to Internet marketing because it allows them to reach people who are highly motivated to make purchases. There is also greater control available because the marketer does not have to hire anyone to perform these communications.

The second phase of outbound marketing definition is making sure the targeted audience is made aware of the offer. This is done with the various promotions and advertising that are designed to make the sale more enticing. Many marketers choose to use pay per click (PPC) advertising because it is effective and efficient. PPC works well when there is a defined target audience that is targeted because it is specific. Many people find it easier to buy products when they see them advertised on television or in a magazine.

As an outbound marketing definition, you have to make sure that the leads generated are effective. You can achieve this through several ways. The most popular method is through creating quality content. When people read the content they are more likely to take the action necessary to contact the advertiser. Another important factor is the use of compelling copy that effectively directs the reader to contact information. Once a buyer has taken that step, you can either go straight to the sales page or create a follow-up sequence that will be used to contact the lead and convince him or her to take action.

The third phase in the outbound marketing definition is tracking the results. Many companies do not have a dedicated team for tracking and measuring results. Some inbound marketers prefer to leave this task to the sales representatives or the company professionals that are managing the company’s online marketing efforts. There are also many outbound marketers that prefer to track their progress by manually entering the information for each day or each week but this can be a very tedious and difficult task for those who lack the skills and experience.

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