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Using the SMO strategy can only be helpful if the player’s efforts are intentional. It is a goal to achieve as per his limits and there must be no waste of effort. The intention is to achieve the best results and save his time and effort for other things. And as the results are for the betterment of the business then nothing is lost on his part.

SMO Strategy is an easy way to reach the goals. To use this strategy the entrepreneur must have a clear vision and the other elements are not to interfere with it. The firm must achieve its desired goals using SMO approach to manage all the processes in the business.

SMO needs more than an intention. The purpose is to achieve the higher goals that can be realistically achieved within the firm. The design and the method to implement the plans must be under control of the firm and the plan must be made after understanding the constraints. SMO plan must be an action plan based on the data gathered and not a wishy-washy thing.

The SMO strategy must be motivated and designed by the firm. Therefore, SMO strategy involves the use of insights and methods to make a better business and not a fad for the world. The SMO strategy must not just be dictated by the new-age business genius and must not be motivated by the whims of the free market, for they are against the whole idea of business. SMO strategy is of vital importance to the firm, as it requires the participation of the whole team and a very strategic assessment.

It is the task of the SMO plan to be carefully and creatively planned in order to reach the goals. This makes the plan practical and appropriate to the needs of the firm. It also requires the partnership of the business. There must be a leading and supporting role for the SMO strategy to be effective and successful.

The plan should be based on the firm’s existing team’s strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses can be identified by a fair and clear analysis of the existing business. As the SMO strategy involves the functioning of the firm and the processes in the firm then this needs to be done effectively. When the weaknesses are identified they can be corrected as early as possible.

One must never view this as a regime but as a tool to be used on a regular basis. SMO is not for the plan, which would be kept for new ideas. It is important to keep the plan up to date for there is always a need to adjust the SMO plan to the firm’s environment and therefore it becomes an ongoing process.

SMO strategy must be acted upon after completing the task. The SMO plan should be implemented continuously as new ideas are found and it becomes more difficult to control the resources and to predict the business environment and thus the strategy cannot be effective without updating the SMO plan. Even after the implementation of the SMO strategy the firm may be confronted with new challenges.

To be successful in the SMO strategy it is important to have the right attitude. The SMO team must be appropriately motivated. And the firm must have an effective team working with all their strengths. There must be an effective communication and management of the firm and it must be well equipped to manage its process and the other things.

There must be an active team working together in order to achieve the goals and in order to make the SMO strategy work effectively. These team members should have the individual capacity to develop an action plan, analyse and make the plan.

Effective teams in an SMO is a team of synergy in which one person can do multiple things. This makes theSMO strategy effective and is simple to use.