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In today’s competitive online marketplace, more website owners are relying on innovative ways to leverage on existing online media (text, images, video, and audio), in order to boost their online presence. For this, many are seeking the help of seasoned SEO services providers who can craft an impressive blend of branding and content marketing. Branding ensures that consumers will recognize and remember your company name, regardless of the specific niche they are looking for. While content marketing helps you create something that will engage your target audience, driving relevant traffic to your website. The two complement each other, but cannot be used independently, so a strategic blend of both is ideal.

branded content marketing

Perhaps it does not matter which label it deserves. As much as it is vital for brands to establish an authoritative voice, it is also crucial for them to support different business goals. As we said, branding is not as much a necessity as making sure the actions undertaken are a worthwhile component of your integrated online marketing mix. This is why many SEO companies like Content Marketing Automation are focusing on developing a distribution model that better supports different business goals – and one that is easier to implement.

One strategy that has been employed successfully by a number of Content Network marketers is called Native Advertising. Native advertising relies on integrating a web-based application with an existing branded content marketing strategy. The application connects consumer behavior with information, thus giving consumers more options, as well as better support for changing consumer needs. Here are some of the common uses of this distribution model:

* Integrates Better With Your Current Sales And Customer Management System: With the right application, Content Network marketers can create a powerful connection between existing branding and their unique distribution channels. As an example, you may have a distribution channel using SMS marketing for the purpose of distributing your branded content, while at the same time integrating with CRM. The application then pulls relevant data from both sources, allowing you to better manage and track all of your contacts. Another example is when your content marketing is managed by an in-house call center, but you still want to provide a mobile experience to your customers – in which case, your application would be able to integrate with IVR systems (Interactive Voice Response systems) that currently are in place within call centers. When implemented correctly, this new functionality will allow your customer management team to track all calls to your brand and, in turn, improve overall retention rates among callers.

* Strengthens Your Brand: Integrating your native advertising with your Content Network platform provides a very strong platform for expanding your brand through increased online presence, higher brand value, and greater profitability. However, without some form of consistent effort to update and improve the distribution model, these results will only be short lived. Therefore, developing a solid communication process that includes a regular feedback loop for addressing the customer’s needs and ensuring they receive value for their dollar is extremely important if you want to successfully drive more interested and loyal customers to your brand.

* Improves Search Engine Results: As more search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are being focused on content marketing, many companies are paying close attention to the success of their own Content Marketing campaigns and are investing in their own Content Repositories to help ensure high relevancy. While Google does a great job of determining which sites are most relevant for a given search query, nothing can trump the power of content marketing on its own. Ensuring that your Content Repository is regularly scrutinized and optimized ensures that your site will always have a high relevancy rate. This will also help in the organic search engine rankings as well, improving your website’s chances of appearing within the first page of a given search query.