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Content marketing is a new kind of marketing. It provides free media type content to customers in exchange for their attention. Traditional advertising interrupts customers in order to get noticed. Content marketing supplies content that customers want in exchange to market a service or product.

The Flaws of Traditional Advertising

Most companies generate ad content that interrupts consumers with traditional ads. Their content can be in the form of magazine ads, billboards, radio ads, or TV commercials. These advertisements interrupt consumers while they are doing something such as driving down the street or watching television. There is no value offered to the customers with these types of ads. If there is an ad on a subway, passengers can’t really go anywhere. Most companies hope consumers will read them while they are waiting to get to their destination. Billboards also interrupt drivers. Companies hope they pay attention long enough to get the message they are trying to send. Traditional ads depend on good placement exceptional creativity, and clever wording to get the customers’ attention for a short amount of time. The goal of these ads is to be clever enough to get a few seconds of attention from people.

Content marketing works in a specific way. Content marketing does not develop ads that interrupt customers.

There are companies that generate content such as:

  1. YouTube videos that provide value and benefit customers
  2. Infographics
  3. Downloadable guides and white papers
  4. Podcast recordings (mp3s)
  5. Blog posts

There are two ways this value can be provided. Those two ways include entertainment content and educational content. Customers will have free access to content that provides value.

Here are some advantages of content marketing:

  • Provides something of value to customers
  • Educates customers to the point where they will be ready to buy the product
  • Generates a sense of reciprocity with customers
  • Also attracts customers for free
  • Generates content that gets shared