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The internet uses three primary mediums for communication and they include words, pictures and videos. While pictures and videos are a common feature on many webpages and sites; words are primarily used to convey information online. All words are content and when content is used for business related purposes it is known as content marketing. Content marketing persuades people to buy goods and it is also used to provide information to consumers

Content Marketing for Effective Advertising

All consumers are bombarded by advertisements everyday and many of them tune it out. However, content marketing can be custom made to advertise to consumers without turning them off. Businesses must learn how to write effective content that engages consumers without overtly trying to sell them goods or services. Businesses can use content marketing to develop content that can get consumers to start talking and to provide input about goods and services. This form of marketing helps consumers to make a more informed purchasing decision when it comes to buying goods and services.

How is Content Marketing Created

Content marketing is generated by using certain keywords and phrases related to a particular product, service or to some type of information. Web masters, article and blog writers and online advertisers add the phrases and keywords to specific parts of the content. Normally the words and phrases are added in the first sentence or paragraph, the middle portion of a written document and in the last sentence or paragraph. Keywords and phrases are written in this way to get websites and pages ranked at a certain position within web browsers.

Content Marketing and Online Advertising

Major companies and industries have developed sophisticated online strategies or attracting consumers and for keeping customers. Many smaller companies and personal sellers are now following suit. Content marketing also uses different strategies such as social media, video marketing and blogging to reach out to consumers and to retain customers.