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There are many types of salt on the market. You can choose regular table salt or choose the healthiest alternative, sea salt. Most shoppers have come to appreciate the health benefits of a sea-salt alternative, so it has become a popular choice. But, there is a special type of salt that is not commonly used in most households. And, that is black truffle salt.

Black truffle salt comes from the Abruzzo region of Italy and is made using a traditional method. Italian farmers know the importance of the land and how it can enhance the flavor of their food. They use it not only for flavoring but also for its texture and thickness. Because it is made with real turkeys’ hooves, the salt has a unique taste. European Mediterranean Sea Salt has added black truffle salt to its collection to add savor to many of its dishes.

Pasta and other dishes may be seasoned with this versatile salt. It can be sprinkled over pasta salads, rice dishes or even on tomatoes. A mixture of black truffle salt and olive oil is a wonderful alternative to using true butter. Sprinkle it on pizzas and breads to enrich flavors. It makes a wonderful pizza topping.

This salty cure is used as an herb in Italian cooking. It gives pasta and lasagna a unique flavor, enhances seafood and chicken dishes and adds a depth of flavor to tomato based dishes, soups and stews. Italian black truffle sea salt also works well in breads, beans, vegetables, cheeses and pasta sauces. You will find it used in many Italian recipes. It goes great with chicken Parmesan and chicken noodle soup.

For an elegant combination, Italian black truffle sea salt and Rosemary make a delightful dish in which the flavors meld perfectly. With truffle salt, the flavor of the Rosemary adds depth while the robustness of the black truffle adds freshness to the dish. The combination is scrumptious. It pairs extremely well with salmon. You might even find it served on its own in salads.

Crusty rolled pasta dishes are a favorite when it comes to using this salt. Use it sparingly in order to avoid scorching your pasta. For example, it is often used in lasagna and scrambled eggs. It seals in the flavor and ensures that your favorite cheeses don’t melt into the pan.

There are numerous other uses for Italian truffle salt. It is great in making tomato sauce and stuffing pastas. Spices mixed with egg whites makes a delicious glazed puff pastry that’s both light and rich. The flavor is so intense that it pairs perfectly with cream cheese.

The key to cooking with this fabulous seasoning is to start with high heat and keep the temperature high until you’re almost burning. Once the truffle begins to smoke, reduce the heat and let it sit for about 30 minutes to give it time to absorb the flavor. This is not the traditional way to make truffles, but it’s an easy and enjoyable way to get a unique flavor that’s out of this world. You can’t go wrong with Italian black summer truffle salt, either.

Sprinkle black truffle salt on baked potatoes and French fries, too. If you have white potatoes, you can also sprinkle it on top of them. Another great combination is to bake French fries and then top with it. The flavor is so intense that it really brings out the texture of the French fries. When using it in this manner, you also need to be aware of the sodium content, which can be a bit higher than other forms of olive oil. If you’re going to use it regularly, make sure you buy extra, as it does lose its flavor when it starts to lose its liquid.

If you like pasta, you’re in luck. You can make a wonderful dish with truffle salt and olive oil by cooking your pasta with it instead of butter or bacon. Another great way to add a unique flavor to pasta is by using it with tomato paste. This works especially well if you use a reduced amount of the cheese and add the black truffle salt as a finishing touch.

You can also use truffle salt to bring out the flavor in fish. Salmon is another favorite recipe that calls for this technique, as are corn flakes and scallops. Even though it may not sound appealing at first, people who try this will find that their dishes taste even better after they have been cooked with this unique method.

If you don’t care for truffle mushrooms, but are looking for a different way to add a little something special to your meals, black sea salt is an excellent alternative. Unlike the dark French variety, black sea salts don’t have a strong odor, which makes them less likely to irritate your nasal passages. They do, however, have a significantly different flavor. Black sea salts have a slightly richer flavor and are often used to compliment seafood.

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